Turning Point HR generate £1M in revenue with Lead Forensics

72%of Lead Forensics opportunities converted to customers

Over £1Mrevenue generated since 2017 via Lead Forensics

£250,000revenue generated last year via Lead Forensics

How many more opportunities could you generate with Lead Forensics?

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About Turning Point HR

Turning Point HR Solutions Ltd are an international reward consultancy based in the UK, with additional offices in Dubai, Lisbon and Manila. They have been providing strategic international HR, compensation and benefits consultancy advice and software for private and public sector companies for over 25 years.

The Challenge

Turning Point know that when it comes to HR services, prospects either have a need within their business for it or they don’t. A website visit is a clear indication of that need, so being able to capture as much data from their website as possible was very important.

Our Solution

Using Lead Forensics, Turning Point can see the contact details of the businesses that visit their website and the web pages they’ve looked at. They use Lead Forensics’ Salesforce integration to feed that data directly into their CRM so the team can reach out, tailoring their approach to the pages they viewed on the site.

The Result

After the success that Turning Point saw using Lead Forensics, they took on a new member of the team solely to manage and qualify their Lead Forensics data.

Lead Forensics often generates the majority of Turning Point’s business, and they’ve grown from a team of four to 36 staff members since 2015.

Customers won through Lead Forensics often turn into repeat business, so the value to the business can grow exponentially.

“I don’t know why everybody isn’t using Lead Forensics. It unlocks a whole world of warm leads who are already looking at your website, and it’s contributed to our business growth over the last six years. We’ve tried other similar tools and nothing compares, using Lead Forensics is a no-brainer.”
Jo Roadnight, Head of Client Services

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