How Lead Forensics became one of Vision33’s highest-converting lead sources

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20%of new visitors converted to SQLs

200-300prospects identified per week

70%unique opportunities

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About Vision33

Vision33 help companies grow with solutions like automation systems, ERP, and smart integration. They support public and private businesses across all major industries with strategies, consultancy, and technology

The Challenge

Vision33 joined Lead Forensics to help their expanding international team learn more about their sales opportunities and segment them to capitalize on their web traffic. Many of their website visitors were leaving without inquiring, so they were missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Our Solution

In Vision33’s Visitor List, they see all prospect page views, and the time spent on each. They also label their traffic, whether they are a new or returning visitor, with the business status tool.

In particular, the ability to create trigger reports based on segmentation massively helps Vision33’s business. They create reports from the visitor segments that matter most to them. These include the state in which they’re based, to define their regional territory alignment.

The Result

Vision33 typically receive 200 to 300 prospect visits per week, of which approximately 70% are unique opportunities to follow up with. The ability to understand and act upon a prospect or customer’s interest in their website is a huge advantage for them.

They find Lead Forensics helps them better engage with otherwise cool prospects. Even gatekeepers seem more inclined to help them, knowing someone from their organization was looking for content on Vision33’s site. With this approach, Vision33 convert close to 20% of their new visitors to sales qualified leads for their consultants.

Lead Forensics is one of our highest converting lead sources and forms a critical part of our success. We'd encourage any sales team to dream big with Lead Forensics.
Neal Ferguson, Manager of Demand Generation

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