The IT Factor: How Vista IT Group Uses Lead Forensics to Grow Sales

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About Vista IT

Vista IT Group is a technology solutions provider based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, serving thousands of customers across four continents. The company offers design, implementation, and logistics services, leveraging its state-of-the-art warehouse and other facilities to build and deliver custom-configured solutions quickly and efficiently.

The Challenge

As a technology solutions provider, Vista IT Group's success relies on its ability to capture new business opportunities. However, the company faced the challenge of identifying website visitors and understanding their behavior in real-time.

Previously, they had tried using Lead Lander and Leadfeeder, but found their data quality to be lacking. Vista IT Group needed a solution that would provide reliable, high-quality data to help them capture new business opportunities effectively.

Our Solution

Lead Forensics' technology and high-quality data allowed Vista IT Group to identify website visitors in real-time and gain valuable insights into their behavior, enabling the company to create actionable strategies for capturing new business opportunities.

The Result

By using Lead Forensics' website visitor identification and tracking solutions, Vista IT Group was able to boost its sales and capture new business opportunities effectively. The Lead Forensics Account Manager helped the team at Vista IT Group to build and implement a tailored solution that met their specific needs, providing valuable insights into website visitor behavior.

As a result, Vista IT Group was able to create actionable strategies for capturing new business opportunities, leading to increased sales and revenue. Overall, Lead Forensics' high-quality data and real-time insights helped Vista IT Group to achieve its business goals and drive growth.

“Great data. We came from Lead Lander and had also looked at Leadfeeder - both of them had subpar data. Now we are able to see and create actionable ways to capture new business.”
Nathan Cook, Sales Director at Vista IT Group

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