B2B growth hacking – what is it and why do it?

No business around today can afford to simply sit still. You need to be constantly thinking ahead and looking at ways to grow and disrupt your industry.   Staying ahead of the curve by employing growth hacking strategies is one way to do this and it’s an idea that’s really taken off. Here we’re going […]

Twitter lead generation cards no longer exist, so what now?

Twitter remains one of the most popular social media platforms around today, with 120 million unique monthly visitors. So, it’s easy to see why it forms part of the strategies of many B2B marketers, keen to capitalize on its lead generation potential. Ads in the form of ‘promoted posts’ first started popping up in Twitter feeds back in 2010. […]

How to maximise your sales success during seasonal downturns

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C there are likely to be ups and downs in your sales cycle. This may be due to your product being unavailable at particular times of the year (such as fruit for exporting), or because your customers do not have a need at certain times. Whatever your individual circumstances may […]

In-person B2B event hacks for small budgets

In-person events remain the most effective B2B lead generation tool there is. But holding even a small event can soon eat up a sizable amount of budget. So what can you do if your company is a start-up, or you’re currently too small to host an event of your own? The good news is you still have […]

Internal comms tools – could you wave goodbye to email for good​?​

Strong communication lies at the heart of any successful business and for most firms email is a tool that they just cannot live without. From humble beginnings, with the first message being sent back in 1971, there are now a staggering 2.4 million emails sent every second. But when it comes to issues of productivity, […]

How B2B marketers can take advantage of social ads

For B2B marketers, social media can present a challenge. On the one hand, most marketers will agree that it offers a unique opportunity. But on the other, they may not be sure exactly how to use it to its full advantage for a targeted B2B audience. The good news is social media continues to evolve […]

How to make sense of your web analytics

The massive growth in digital marketing combined with an explosion in intelligent and innovative digital tools, means that marketers are now just a click away from accessing a huge amount of valuable data. And this presents an amazing opportunity. It’s a chance to pinpoint exactly what’s working and what’s not, to spot new trends and […]

Social media game plan for mid-sized B2Bs

There’s no question that building an online presence is more important than ever before for businesses. So it comes as little surprise that social media, and making the most of these types of communication channels, is now firmly on the agenda for most B2Bs. And with good reason. People do business with people, particularly when […]

What are you doing with the traffic on your website?

On paper, you’re doing everything right. Your marketing team is working hard to drive traffic to your website; you invest in successful pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns; you run engaging social media campaigns; and you drive off-line contacts to the website. Yet you’re still not getting the results you were hoping for (and even worse there are […]

Why consultative selling is essential in a digital world

One of the hottest topics in business circles right now is ‘what do sales teams need to do to be successful when faced with today’s buyers?’ Because things have changed – in large part down to the growth in online – and focus has shifted away from the product and onto the customer themselves. What […]