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How can marketing software increase your b2b sales?

Marketing software can benefit your business in many ways. It is cost-effective, takes repetitive tasks away from team members, and saves time. Whether you are a marketer or a salesperson, software has so many advantages. And, it plays a key role in helping both teams work together. You can find out how marketing software can revolutionize your business here.

When it comes to b2bs, software has the potential to skyrocket your sales. Whether it is generating leads, improving customer loyalty, or automating processes, companies that adopt marketing automation software reap the rewards. Let’s explore the types of digital marketing software that can take your sales to the next level.

Website tracking

Driving website traffic is essential. Paid advertising, inbound marketing — marketers have tried it all! Once visitors land on your site, it is all about getting a conversion. But it can take up to seven interactions with a business before they are ready to buy. More than 98% of your traffic won’t make an inquiry. But that doesn’t mean they won’t eventually. This is where website tracking comes in! It reveals your anonymous traffic and introduces you to a world of new prospects.

Lead Forensics identifies anonymous traffic, so sales teams miss no opportunities! Turning visitors into prospects utilizes your company’s website and turbocharges marketing efforts.

Lead generation

Where there is software, there is access to hordes of valuable data. Automated Lead generation software identifies, qualifies, nurtures and manages leads. According to HubSpot, 65% of businesses state generating leads as their biggest challenge. Finding prospects and carrying them through their buyer journey is a time-consuming process! But software helps align sales and marketing teams to work towards a common goal — making the sale.

Lead Forensics notifies users of website visitors in real-time. And, it gives users access to a database of decision makers from their key accounts. This allows salespeople and marketers to get to the right person at the right time.

Personalized marketing

According to Econsultancy, companies generate 17% more revenue when using email personalization. Software takes personalization off your hands and create tailored communications for you. From producing bespoke offers and product recommendations to powerful prompts and personalized greetings. Business decision makers are busy — make their lives as easy as you can. The better their experience, the more likely they are to make the conversion.

Lead Forensics provides b2bs with the rich data they need for successful personalization. Step into the shoes of your prospect! Then use the data to establish an unbeatable ABM approach.

Up-selling and cross-selling

Marketing software is not only about acquiring new customers. It is also about providing the best service for your existing customers. In turn, you will increase your company’s revenue! Using software to up-sell and cross-sell improves customer retention and creates brand loyalty! It is often more expensive to gain a new customer than it is to sell more to an existing one. So, make the most of the customers you already have!

Lead Forensics enables users to highlight key accounts — this could include existing customers. The software notifies users when a client visits the site. Your team can then make excellent recommendations!

CRM marketing automation software

Customer relationship is at the heart of all-things sales. According to a study by Tech News World, the main benefits customers seek from CRM include:

    • ● Improving customer service


    • ● Improving customer retention


    • ● Generating new business


    • ● Increasing sales

CRMs offer a place to keep data safe, easy to navigate reports, and the ability to segment data. It automates processes, helps track interactions and streamlines your sales funnel. Successful sales teams should make the most of CRM software.

Integrating lead generation software with your existing CRM is seamless. Lead Forensics works in the background, delivering anonymous traffic straight to your CRM.

Using marketing software for lead generation

According to HubSpot, 69% of marketers consider converting leads into customers a top priority. If this is the case, lead generation software should be a key part of your new business strategy. You can find out where marketing software fits into your marketing strategy here.

Here are some key benefits of embracing marketing software for lead generation:

    • ● Identify new prospects


    • ● Improve data accuracy


    • ● More time to develop customer relationships


    • ● Notifications and reminders


    • ● Lead scoring helps team rank hot leads


    • ● Easy integration with CRM


The impact on your marketing campaign

Software streamlines processes and revolutionizes your marketing campaigns. Incorporating software into your marketing plan is a great way to ensure success. Software can complete tasks at a rate that humans are unable to match. Whether it is outbound email marketing, social media marketing, or curating data; it does it fast. And, it reduces the likelihood of human error. Improved accuracy and increased output will drive more potential customers to your website. Invest in software to speed up processes and get the most out of your marketing efforts!

A sales and marketing partnership

For ultimate success, sales and marketing teams should completely align. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. While arguably doing different jobs, both teams are doing what they can to get the brand noticed. Both teams have access to buyers’ data and rely on each other for success. Marketing teams drive traffic and generate interest. Sales teams focus on closing the sale. Software helps keep everything under one roof, so teams can access and manage the same data. Several companies are working towards integrated sales and marketing teams — known as ‘Smarketing’. By utilizing software and working together to meet common goals, salespeople and marketers can achieve more. And, in turn, increase your b2b sales.

Lead Forensics is a global market-leader in lead generation software. We turbocharge the processes of b2b companies — from generating leads to curating accurate and reliable data. And, we have the testimonials to prove it. We’ve helped clients drive £500,000 in revenue, and our software has proven an ROI of more than 2,000%. You can take our word for it — or you can see our customer testimonials here, and request a demo here.


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