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      Experience turbo-charged lead generation with a free trial.
      Simple set-up. No commitments. Get started today.

        Your lead generation learning hub

        The day you become a Lead Forensics client, we're committed to making you a lead generation expert. And when our clients combine the Lead Forensics solution with our resource centre, that's when the magic really happens. Get a peek into the Lead Forensics world with B2B marketing & sales insights, free downloads and templates to seriously turbo-charge your lead generation activity.

        What our customers say

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        Bev M

        Small Business

        Prospects from our target industry and companies with relevant info

        "All the information is there, when and where I need it. It’s easy to integrate into our other systems for workflow and customer service is second to none. The team goes the extra mile."

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        Raymond P


        Great product for tracking website visitors and developing new opportunities for sales

        "Lead Forensics provides an easy-to-use platform with rich data. It’s worth the money and the return on investment is fully traceable. There have been many benefits to using this platform for improving my website and providing new leads."

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        David C

        Small Business

        Lead Forensics for the win!

        "Lead Forensics is greatly accelerating our sales and revenue growth and giving our sales team access to companies interested in our products. If you need a tool to give you insight into companies viewing your site, Lead Forensics is the right way to go!"

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        Domenick N


        Great tool to help us understand our traffic

        "The platform allows us to identify anonymous traffic and assign those visitors to the respective members of our sales team. It also provides invaluable intelligence to our sales team for the work they do with sales prospects in the pipeline."

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        Chris H



        "Lead Forensics allows us to see what businesses visit our website, the pages they visited and how long they spent on each. It also gives you the option to buy contacts’ email addresses. It has generated a ton of new business for us."

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        Jeff D


        Great tool for prospecting!

        "Lead Forensics enables us to procure contact information for potential customers and it’s great to see who is visiting our site. You will inevitably gain more customers and get a better understanding of who exactly your target customer is."

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        Jeffry P


        What’s not to like?

        "If you're not using some kind of lead generation software you might as well ask your salesman to walk through deep snow drifts without snowshoes.....they won't get very far, very fast. Lead Forensics is the leader of the pack."

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        Mary M


        Best customer service - ever!

        "Lead Forensics came to me on a recommendation from a long time BI expert friend. She's looked at every tool out there, and recommended it to me and others. I haven't been disappointed, and have already used this platform more than the previous one we used."

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        Bobby H


        No-Brainer, must-have tool for anyone who cares about site traffic and metrics

        "We’ve generated a 3,483.33% ROI to date. The cost is justified, interface intuitive and easy, and results outstanding. And it's backed with first class service. We're not the biggest company nor spender, but you would never tell that by the way our Customer Success team responds to help, make suggestions or check in. "


        The Lead Forensics resource hub is your secret weapon for becoming a lead generation guru. Packed full of practical B2B marketing tool kits, guides and templates to help turbo-charge your lead generation activity - absolutely free.

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        Follow the Lead Forensics blog for expert B2B marketing and sales advice, news and forecasts.


        Why Lead Forensics, when there are many lead generation tools?

        Lead Forensics is the market leading IP tracking solution, with the world’s largest IP database. Plus all customers are assigned a Customer Success Manager, ensuring they have support every step of the way.

        How long is the free, no-obligation trial?

        The Lead Forensics trial is one week long. Your representative will walk you through your website traffic at the end of the trial.

        How does it actually work?

        Lead Forensics uses a small piece of code, much like Google Analytics, which tracks IP addresses visiting a website. Those IP addresses are then matched to data held by Lead Forensics, providing accurate information about unknown website visitors.

        How much does it cost?

        The cost of Lead Forensics is based on how much traffic you’re generating to your website. The trial will demonstrate the volume of visitors and determine the cost for your business.

        How do I approach a lead once I know who they are?

        Once you’ve seen a business has visited your website, we can provide the name, position and email address of key decision makers in that business! Use this essential contact information to immediately contact and tailor your pitch based on the pages the organisation has looked at so that it’s relevant to their business needs.

        Is it easy to get the tracking code onto my site?

        Yes, it’s very simple, the tracking code just needs to be added to each page, much like Google Analytics. Your developer or web support will be able to do this for you.

        How easy is it to use the software?

        Lead Forensics is easy to use, customers access their data via the intuitive portal which has loads of great report and export functions ready to use. Alternatively Lead Forensics can integrate directly into your CRM platform, you can find out more info here. Plus all customers are allocated a Customer Success Manager to answer any questions they might have.

        How many logins do I get?

        As many as you need. The number of users is unlimited and doesn’t affect your price. In fact we actively encourage multiple users from the business to benefit fully from the software.

        Sounds great, how do I get my free trial?

        It’s easy, just fill in the form below or call us and we’ll set that up for you:


        UK:   0207 206 7293


        US:   720 326 5033


        Let’s get you started

        Experience turbo-charged lead generation with a free trial.
        Simple set-up. No commitments. Get started today.

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