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Are millennial buyers changing the world of B2B sales?

In this video, I’ll be discussing whether millennial buyers are changing the world of B2B sales.

We’re working in an exciting time for business, where we welcome an influx of millennial buyers.

73% of B2B sales transactions involving millennial decisions makers.

There’s no doubt B2B sales is evolving to meet these buyers’ interests, needs and preferences.

Millennials change how we prospect and discover new leads.

They change how we build product value and how we get in contact with them.

To see continued B2B sales success, your sales team needs to adapt to the millennial audience.

The social media surge

57% of B2B buyers use social media to research vendors.

80% of millennial B2B buyers say social media influences their purchasing decisions.

If you’re not incorporating a social selling strategy in your B2B sales approach, there really is no better time to start!

Platforms like LinkedIn help salespeople create personal connection.

The buyer finds this convenient and non-intrusive of their busy timetable.

A social selling strategy has proven success for many B2B sales teams.

Those conducting social selling tactics are 40% more likely to see success in their ventures.

And, they have a sales pipeline 18% bigger, moving 28% faster than those who don’t.

Online reliance

A strong online presence is vital to your millennial buyer.

94% of buyer journeys start online.

The average person conducts seven different Google searches per day!

This points to two things for b2b sales.

First, it means your leads and prospects will be far better educated if you have an online presence/

They’ll have read reviews, researched your competitors and come prepared with questions and intentions.

Millennial buyers know what they want from the call.

Be ready to answer their questions and offer details about pricing and contract conditions.

Secondly, this changes how millennials identify the value your product can offer their business.

In the past, this was a key element of the sales pitch.

For a millennial audience, many prefer to gain this information online between your communications.

So, be sure to send plenty of engaging content and point them in the direction of your blog.

Turn their online reliance into an advantage, reigning in some control over what they read.

Email, email, email

86% of business professionals prefer email communications above all others.

This number is undoubtedly influenced by the millennial audience.

With so many options for a modern audience, many feel that they don’t necessarily need a load of phone calls.

This doesn’t mean your sales team is restricted to just email communications, especially in more complex sales environments.

Other forms of communication share similar characteristics to attract a millennial audience.

It’s predicted that by 2020, 3 billion active email addresses will be in use.

A reluctance to embrace a sales email approach could lead to a large loss of new opportunities!

Online purchase

This increase in online activity has led to another key shift in how millennials make purchases.

Recent years have seen an enormous increase in e-commerce.

As we make consumer purchases comfortably through online retailers, many millennials expect a similar process when making business purchases.

The rise of e-commerce predicts that 1 million B2B sales jobs will be lost over the next few years, unless sales processes adapt and change to meet modern buyer needs.

We’re not saying you should only sell online.

For some products and solutions, this just isn’t possible!

But is there something you offer that could have a process that are like an online checkout?

This will feed the millennial preference to purchase online and doesn’t hinder your sales approach!

New priorities

Older generations have always been focused on business benefit and gain.

However, millennials bring a shift in this mind-set.

They have other priorities and are interested in elements of your business that have until now seemed less impactful on sales.

80% of millennials said that a company’s environmental, social and philanthropic efforts impact their purchasing decisions.

This gives your team more to discuss with their sales prospects.

They can use a less traditional approach to make an impression on a younger, modern audience.

To properly target a modern buyer, you need a modern sales software to match.

Discover Lead Forensics: the ultimate B2B sales tool.

It identifies businesses visiting your website and provides contact details for key decision makers.

With a full breakdown of their online journey, your team gains fresh new business opportunities.

And, access the data they need to conduct an impactful, effective follow-up.

Revolutionize your sales processes and discover how our clients made more than $1 billion in revenue last year.

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