How BizzyWeb saved a client $4,500 in monthly advertising with Lead Forensics

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About Bizzyweb

BizzyWeb only joined Lead Forensics recently, but their results so far speak volumes. BizzyWeb attract, engage, and convert clients with growth-driven inbound marketing and web design. BizzyWeb are certified Platinum HubSpot Partners, putting them in the top 1% of HubSpot professionals around the world.

The Challenge

BizzyWeb found that a lot of clients were coming to them wondering why they weren’t seeing their desired ROI on their advertising spend. With Lead Forensics, BizzyWeb can perform a full audit of their clients’ web traffic and see why they’re not getting the results they’d hoped for.

To develop their own business, BizzyWeb also wanted details about their prospective clients’ journeys on the website, including the specific pages they visit, and the services they’re interested in.

Our Solution

BizzyWeb use a multi-channel approach for developing business from visits to deals. After emailing their matched visitors, they make full use of cold calling and prospecting on social media platforms like LinkedIn. The services they provide on social media also come in handy when they’re using similar tactics to build new relationships with their own visitors

The Result

BizzyWeb use Lead Forensics tracking tools like conversions to label all the businesses arriving on the target landing page, and segmentation tools like categories to cross-reference for their intended targets. Ultimately, BizzyWeb found that of the 4,000 clicks their client paid their previous provider for, only four fit their target demographic, with the other 3,996 clicks wasted.

BizzyWeb have built automated responses to visits from their best-fit prospects. They then tailor these responses based on the services they’re interested in and the pages they visit, enabling them to reach out with relevant messaging at the most relevant time

Since we use HubSpot with many of our clients, the Lead Forensics integration is hugely important for our future plans. This prospect had been using another provider for demand generation and PPC investment, but they didn’t see any conversions on their website. We managed to win them over to a trial with us, as Lead Forensics helps us audit web traffic so we can improve their results. We’re just at the start of our partnership, but now we’re getting prospects onboard, we’ll improve their campaigns and use Lead Forensics data to chart that improvement at every step of the way
Dave Meyer, President and Owner

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