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        This guide is packed full of useful web analytics information, for both beginners and experts alike.  Learn what the term web analytics means, which tools are best and how they can be used to benefit your business…

        It’s felt by many that to fully master web analytics you need to be a mathematician of Einstein proportions, but it’s just not the case. Use these clear definitions, best practices and deep insight to understand the true power of your business website.

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        What is web analytics?

        The term “analytics” outlines the process of collecting data and analyzing it to draw out any patterns or trends, really looking at what that data is telling us. It’s like converting a list of numbers into usable information and action points. With this knowledge, it’s easy to connect the dots – the term “web analytics” refers to this process specifically when applied to data drawn from a website. This data is vast in its array but is often in metric form (numerical) and generally includes figures such as overall web traffic and page visits.


        Why should businesses use web analytics tools?

        Whilst almost anyone with a website can see value from understanding their web analytics, they predominantly benefit those using their website to drive brand awareness and new business/revenue. The insight gained from web analytics allows businesses to understand their online presence and gauge their current website success.

        To any business, a website is vital; the online nucleus and lifeblood of marketing campaigns, pipeline success and customer retention. It makes sense to know the finer workings of your business website, so decisions can be made to constantly improve the results you gain from it (be it conversions, downloads or form fills). Web analytics offer definitive and objective understanding, giving businesses the best chance to dominate their online market.


        What can a web analytics tool do for me?

        Identify trends

        A vital part of any analytics process, your chosen tool/s can gather the necessary data and get you started on the road to trend discovery. Easily see which areas of your website have the greatest impact on your desired results, and how these positive or negative impacts then affect your user navigation and user experience.


        Help you understand channel performance

        Most B2B marketing channels have an online element leading back to their website, be it through an email link, social media landing page or content download. Reading the data from web analytics tools allows marketers to gain seriously valuable insight into their channel performance, understanding how audiences perceive and respond to campaigns driving new business revenue.


        User analysis

        Web analytics tools offer more than just numbers; they allow us to string together user journeys and fully understand how visitors interact with your site. Know how users find your site, which pages they interact with and when they leave, use this information to improve your website usability and navigation.


        Client retention

        Some analytics tools (like Lead Forensics) offer the advanced ability to categorize visitors, enabling users to differentiate between prospects and clients. It’s easy to see how clients currently use your website, and how you can use their behaviours to promote upsell/cross-sell opportunities and boost retention revenue.



        Some tools offer businesses the ability to edit their site to optimize results; some tools offer heatmaps, giving the ultimate data on specific web page success. Understanding how users react to a specific call to action, images and copy blocks allows faster website optimization and results in uplift.


        A/B split testing

        As a business website carries such weight and has an enormous effect on results in many areas, the testing any changes is of vital importance. Certain web analytics tools offer real-time results, so businesses can easily A/B test changes to understand what effect certain page/navigation elements have on audiences. This is especially useful when driving website traffic with PPC, or other paid services, where every click costs.



        Gaining return on investment is, of course, the key goal for us all and to achieve this from web analytics tools is often easy. Not only are there a selection of free tools on offer (see this eBook for more!), but understanding your website to the intricate level only web analytics tools offer can have a huge effect on revenue. From new business opportunities to sales pipeline progression and retention, web analytics tools offer the ability to boost them all for optimum ROI.

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