The Sales Conversion Secret: Business IP Tracking

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For any business, regardless of its size, sales conversion and driving revenue is vital to its success. Companies that just sit back and wait for customers to arrive at their doorstep will simply struggle to survive.

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In contrast, harnessing an effective B2B sales strategy and investing in the correct tools will enable businesses to attract suitable leads, increase sales conversion rates and improve profits as a result.

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This is where website visitor identification software can be invaluable for your company. So if your organization is aiming to increase B2B sales conversions, how can this form of software help you generate higher sales conversions?

What is website visitor tracking and how can it help with sales conversion?

Website visitor tracking software is a small piece of code that, when added to your website, reveals the businesses that are browsing your B2B website.

Software like Lead Forensics opens up a world of exciting possibilities for your sales and marketing activities, including…

  • Nurturing prospects who aren’t ready to buy just yet
  • Supporting existing customers who come to your B2B website
  • Reaching out to lapsed customers who come back to your site
  • Identifying target accounts and ICP prospects for you to reach out to.

Alongside business names, Lead Forensics also gives you contact details for key decision makers within the business so you can reach out and start a conversation in just a few clicks.

Lead Forensics’ proprietary database is the largest of its kind in the world, containing over 1.4 billion B2B IP addresses, with more being added each day, so your business has access to the biggest data solution on the market.

Having visibility of your B2B website visitors can help you to…


Better understand your buyer

The art of getting to know a prospect isn’t always easy, and with only 10.5% of B2B decision-makers responding to sales emails, the hard truth is they might not always be so open to building a relationship with you.

Website visitor identification software gives you advanced insights into not only who is on your B2B website, but how they got there and what content they are engaging with.

Based on this data you can start to build up a profile of who your buyers are, which products they are interested in, what’s on their minds, and what their priorities and pain points are.

You can then use this data to inform how you approach them and how you pitch your solution to them, drawing on the specific areas of your business that each prospect has been viewing.

you can read minds with sales conversions

Part of the B2B sales conversion process is focused on establishing individual prospect intentions, building a relationship, and gaining their trust, so lead tracking software gives you the insights you need to start conversations on the right foot.

From here, you can focus all of your attention on negotiating and closing the sale before moving on to the next targeted prospect.

Perfect your timing

Timing is everything when it comes to B2B sales conversions. If you pitch too soon and push too hard right away you can scare buyers off and if you leave it too late they’ll have already gone to a competitor.

Trying to perfect this timing and knowing what messaging to send when can feel like blindly stabbing in the dark. Luckily with B2B website visitor identification software like Lead Forensics, you can shed some light on where your prospect is in their buyer journey and what messaging will resonate with them.


Once you get to know what communications are most effective at each point of the buyer journey you can set up real-time alerts when a prospect takes certain actions on your B2B website like viewing a particular page, downloading an asset, or signing up for a webinar, so you can act fast and reach out to them.

Once you’ve developed a relationship with your prospect and decided you want to spend time working them through the funnel, it’s important that you maintain a trusting relationship that is aligned with the B2B sales cycle.

Understanding how your prospect thinks and when they’re ready to buy is vital to ensuring they aren’t influenced by competitor offers or negative feedback. This is especially true once your prospect becomes a lead. And, with the average attention span at just 8 seconds10, the ‘when’ and ‘how’ of your engagement is vital.

Send personal, customized messaging

Let’s be honest, this is sales 101, but it’s at the heart of what modern B2B sales stand for and the key to improving your sales conversion rate.

Successful salespeople are able to educate their customers and add value throughout the prospecting stage – often underlining issues or opportunities that the customer is unaware of before your initial discussion.

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Within the noisy digital landscape, salespeople need to move away from what a customer wants and bring a thorough understanding of what they need. Picking up on the drivers that move a prospect to realize their challenge and opportunity is crucial to saving them time and money.

While there may be common drivers and points for discussion between your prospects – each one will react differently and learn in different ways. Consider how your tone and style will land differently on each person and ensure you’re providing new learnings every time you contact them.

With the data that Lead Forensics provides, you can easily create a hyper-personalized B2B sales process for each of your prospects, which will increase your chances of converting them into customers.

Be more efficient

By focusing your sales efforts on active prospects rather than cold data, you can maximize your time efficiency.

Our client Bay MarketForce managed to increase the success of their sales activities by 500% with the use of Lead Forensics, compared to prospecting to cold data.

sales conversion efficiency

With a constant stream of relevant B2B sales opportunities being presented to you via website visitor identification software, you won’t need to focus on this area. Instead, you can work on your sales techniques. This way, incoming leads that you pick up should convert at a higher rate.

It’s not just about being able to follow up on leads, your team also needs to be able to sell and close the deal on every available prospect.

So as the leads are generated for you, your sales team has time to perfect their pitch, aim to seal every deal, improve sales conversions and propel your business forward.

Improve your sales conversion cycle

The B2B sales process becomes more successful when you have the right insights and a strong understanding of the audience you need to target. Website visitor identification tools will provide you with this information.

As opposed to approaching cold leads from the ground up, website visitor identification software will reveal the identity of your unknown B2B website visitors.

sales conversion hot leads

Why is this so important for your business? Because ultimately you will then have the power to visualize which companies are landing on your pages, determine their intentions, and target them as hot sales leads. Without lead generation software in place, the whole process of locating this specific type of lead will take longer to achieve.

Even when your results are on the up, it’s important to continually monitor your sales pipeline velocity and measure how your actions affect the prospects’ decision-making process – and that means metrics.


Measure, Measure, Measure!

Make a note of the average time your prospects spend on each buying phase. Do you notice anything that changes, increases or decreases each time? What is the probability of a win at each phase and what actions have improved this before? Are you assessing your won and lost sales by industry, company size, and lead source?

By transforming these insights into hard metrics, you’ll have the power to manage your pipeline according to actions, rather than hoping for a win. In turn, you’ll be able to evolve your sales pipeline, shorten sales cycles and increase win rates. Lead Forensics provides the data you need to identify these trends, including your prospects’ business information, size, activity, and lead source.

Don’t forget to share your metrics too – discussing your learnings with colleagues will reinforce your findings or force you to re-evaluate.

An effective B2B sales pipeline is important to your business success — and making improvements for great results matters. Focus on generating the best quality leads, ensuring a robust qualification process and a customer-focused approach to lead nurturing.

Then, optimize and personalize your sales approach to ensure you close the maximum number of deals and prioritize customer retention to increase your average customer lifetime value. Manage your pipeline, cleanse your data regularly and use sales velocity to measure your success and supercharge your process.

Finally, consider embracing innovative technology, such as lead generation or CRM software, to support your pipeline at every stage

Reach out in real-time

Real-time alerting from website visitor identification tools helps B2B sales teams to strike whilst the iron is hot, increasing sales conversion rates.

You are 400% more likely to qualify a lead if you get in contact with them during the first 5 minutes and 70% of businesses will buy from the first company they speak to, so timing is crucial!

reaching out

When it comes to your sales funnel, there are a number of stages to complete before your B2B website visitors will actually convert.

As time is money, especially in the world of business, your company needs to streamline the sales process as much as possible if you want to generate greater profit and reduce unwanted admin. Website visitor identification software can do exactly this in a number of ways.

First of all, trigger reports can be set up to notify your sales team when specific activity occurs on your site. Secondly, bespoke reports can also be sent directly to the inbox of key personnel in your company so that they can chase hot new leads straight away.

Whilst streamlining the sales process, website visitor identification software allows you to focus on increasing sales through relevant, as opposed to random, leads.


Accurate contact information

Having accurate contact information at your fingertips also helps you to reach out quickly – even if you know who has landed on your pages, it’s often still difficult to locate their contact details in order to follow up on potential leads.

However, with the help of Lead Forensics, you will be able to view the contact details for every business that has visited your site.

This information can be used to target the prospect, or assigned to a member of your sales team to contact at a later date.

Understanding who has viewed your pages, as well as being able to access their contact details, will save you time and provides quick access to the information you need to enhance sales.

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Increase sales conversion

As you can see there are a number of ways in which lead tracking software can enhance your B2B sales process, improve your sales conversion rate, and help you to increase revenue. This simple but effective way to track and target hot leads means that you can increase your ROI and attain more business as a result.

With the insights from the software and a dedicated and skillful sales team behind your business, it’s possible to generate more revenue than ever and push your company in the right direction.


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