Behind the scenes at Lead Forensics: a run down of sports day 2019

Behind the scenes at Lead Forensics is a feature that gives us the chance to showcase the on goings at the lead generation software company. From activities and charity ventures to the faces behind the brand, get to know all things LF! At Lead Forensics, company culture is key to our success. We care about […]

How can marketing software increase your b2b sales?

Marketing software can benefit your business in many ways. It is cost-effective, takes repetitive tasks away from team members, and saves time. Whether you are a marketer or a salesperson, software has so many advantages. And, it plays a key role in helping both teams work together. You can find out how marketing software can […]

How does marketing software fit in with your marketing strategy?

For the modern marketer, marketing software is pivotal to success. Email Monday found 51% of companies use marketing automation software. And, more than half of b2b companies plan on using the technology. If you have never used digital marketing software, or you think you are not using it to its full potential, it can be […]

The 5 best inbound marketing software solutions for b2bs

In 2019, inbound marketing has become the go-to approach for b2b marketers. As the need for personalized and relevant content increases, inbound marketing provides the tailored experience that customers seek. There is still a place for outbound marketing, of course. And, combining the two can work wonders for your business. Let’s take a quick look […]

Marketing automation software to revolutionize your business

Businesses that are not utilizing marketing automation software in 2019 run the risk of falling behind their competitors. According to CMO, 60% of all occupations could benefit from 30% or more of their activities being automated. It has several benefits, is often great value for money, and marketing teams that embrace automation are at an […]

The best email marketing software for B2Bs

Email marketing is still one of the most widely used approaches in B2B marketing today, despite going back decades. In fact, according to HubSpot, it is used by 93% of marketers to distribute content. And, it seems marketers have the right idea — especially since according to a Radicati Group study in 2018, 3.8 billion […]

What does the future hold for marketing software?

We can’t predict the future, but we sure can make some educated guesses about the future of marketing software. As an established lead generation software company, we’ve seen our fair share of developments in the marketing software world. So, what do we think is in store for some of the most popular marketing approaches going […]

Can marketing software help with your B2B lead generation?

Marketing software can help with all matter of business objectives. With so many different software solutions available, it seems there is one for every element of your business. When it comes to generating and nurturing leads, it is important to adopt a strategy, and in turn, a software solution that works for you. There are […]

Marketing software to boost your business: the top 10

Digital marketing software is changing the face of the industry as we know it. It brings with it huge benefits to marketing companies and departments everywhere. It is reliable, fast, time-saving and forward thinking. According to a survey by Adestra, respondents said the following were the biggest perceived benefits of marketing software   ● 74% […]

5 easy steps for developing a successful sales strategy

Please the transcription of the video below. Hello! Welcome to this Lead Forensics Focus: Elevating your Marketing and Sales Success. Educational insights brought to you by marketing and sales leaders. I’ve been leading sales professionals for over 17 years and In this video, I’m going to cover 5 easy steps you can take to develop […]