Is this the end of Google+?

Everything continues to plummet downhill for Google+ as HubSpot offer another debilitating blow, announcing that from 28th January 2019, their software’s social media tool will no longer support Google+. HubSpot has decided to terminate their solution’s connection to Google+, in light of the recent data breach revealing Google’s social media offering contained a bug that […]

Have you mastered social media marketing?

As 95% of 18-34-year olds are most likely to follow a brand’s progression and growth through social media, this channel has the power to reach more prospects than ever before,

Marketing Automation: moving with the times

Marketing Automation: Is your marketing moving with the times?

The business world continually evolves, as technology advances and trends shift; nothing stays the same, especially in marketing. Though many innovative software solutions come to the fore to benefit marketers, automation has the power to double team productivity, eliminating time-consuming manual tasks so your team can focus on the important stuff.

Are you measuring the right B2B marketing metrics?

Though 80% of marketers are driven by data, many still struggle to properly measure their marketing efforts, gauging their success and gaining vital understanding to benefit future campaigns. Only by grasping marketing metrics, can you gain advanced campaign insight to fuel improved results.

Are You Properly Measuring Your Lead Generation Results?

80% of B2B marketers claim to be data-driven, yet 1 in 3 struggle to properly measure their lead generation success. Understanding the best metrics to measure when managing a detailed lead generation strategy can be tricky with each channel having its own KPIs.

SDAS Present Donation

Lead Forensics raise to bring Christmas presents to Children-in-Need

In the run up to Christmas, the team at the Portsmouth Lead Forensics office have collectively raised funds to ensure that many of the children connected to the Southern Domestic Abuse Service (SDAS) can start their holiday season with a gift. The company ran a series of “dress down” days at £1 per day to […]

Could Outsourcing Lead Generation Help Your Business?

Every organization wants to construct a winning lead generation strategy, and many look at whether working with a lead generation specialist could help their results. Whether you want to outsource all lead generation, or just specific channels, like email or telemarketing, it’s important to make sure you manage your expectations.

Is a Lead Generation Software Right For Your Business?

Lead generation is key; it keeps your business alive by fuelling your sales pipeline, but successful lead generation is not always an easy ride. Many turn to lead generation software, to help their teams undertake a more complex marketing strategy with targeted campaigns to improve the quality of new business opportunities generated for the business.

Common challenges for lead generation marketing

Lead generation marketing is essential for every growing organization; kicking off your sales pipeline and providing the opportunities that lead to revenue increase and overall business growth. Recent studies show some common key challenges facing marketeers. A staggering 42% struggle to attract their target audience, and a third of teams find difficulty in managing response […]