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Reverse IP lookups: what they mean for B2B marketers

In B2B marketing, we’re always keen to maximize advancing technologies to improve results and make a lasting impression on our audience. IP addresses offer continued benefits to marketers, tracking them to unearth exciting data and drive improved results; but what about reverse IP lookups? What are they, and what do they mean for the world of business marketing? 


What is reverse IP lookup? 


Many of us are familiar with IP tracking, where tools gather and monitor IP addresses for improved website metrics. Reverse IP lookups go one further; also known as a reverse DNS lookup, this is the process of querying the domain name system (DNS) associated with that IP- in other words, finding out who owns it. Tools enabling businesses to conduct reverse IP lookups gain access to top-level domain data that IP produces. This top-level information doesn’t produce deep, personal data; instead it offers the name of the business hosting that IP, and sometimes additional details of those who registered the IP such as phone number and address.Though once the business name is discovered of course, the hard work is done. This process is totally legal– the databases providing information carry public data, and only static IP addresses pertaining to specific businesses or large networks (such as libraries) will produce a result.


So, what does this mean for B2B marketers? 


We understand reverse IP lookups, and the data they can provide B2B organizations, but how can this data be used to evolve our strategies and improve success? 


Improved content creation 


Gaining the domain names of those accessing your website provides insight into the industries visiting your site regularly. Tools like Lead Forensics and Google Analytics save you lengthy reporting and analysing, categorising the domain names gained into their relevant industries for increased audience understanding. This in turn provides your content team with invaluable knowledge, helping them understand what content to make. What formats work best for visiting industries, what language to use, what will grab their attention and most importantly, how to convert them. If you’re attracting an audience you never knew about, you’ll want to ensure your site meets their business needs; or if you’re currently targeting one specific audience who just aren’t visiting, your content strategy may need to bend, better suiting your multitude of visitors.


Using a reverse IP lookup also helps your content strategy consistently deliver. Monitoring the industries visiting your site over time enables your team to understand content trends and needs.Seasonal content can be powerful, especially when responding to events your target industry finds important or game-changing. If your content strategy needs a boost, reverse IP lookup can certainly help!


Advanced lead nurture


Nurtured leads spend an average of 47% more on your product. This is because they are passed to your sales team when they are properly sales-ready- they have an awareness of a problem and know how you can solve it. Lead nurture is vitally important, and reverse IP lookup solutions can offer an effective helping hand.


Leads can be nurtured with relevant content (see our previous point) and insightful communications surrounding your business and what you can offer. But you need to know when these nurtured leads are ready for a sales conversation- that’s where the lead scoring system comes into play.

This system applies a score to each lead based upon their behaviour and any data you have for them. As the lead continues to interact with your brand, their score increases and when they reach an appropriate number (of your choosing), they are ready for your sales team. It is up to you how you build these scores; when you know the visiting business, you can ask if they fit your target audience, if so, they can have 10 points. For every downloaded asset another 10, every website visit adds 5 and so on. Outline a plan of your lead scoring model, then review it every 3 months, ensuring the scores match the interest and quality of lead your sales team desire.


Account based marketing 


Thanks to reverse IP lookup revealing your website visitor’s domain name, you can keep track of any specific businesses you want to prospect, any dream clients you may have. After sending them a direct mail campaign or email, you can know when they access your website and what they look at.From this, your team can fully tailor every communication and follow up, responding to interest shown with relevant content.


This attention to detail and deep understanding of the account’s business needs allows your organization to shine through, proving you genuinely want to work with that account, and providing them with a high-end brand experience. This ultimately leads to improved sales wins; gaining bigger and better clients that rapidly expand your customer base. Added to this, those prospected through ABM spend more money on your product, and are likely to provide referrals, continuing to fuel your sales pipeline.


Better ROI 


Everyone wants return on their investment. In marketing, ROI is paramount to target planning and strategy execution, and reverse IP lookup offers us an advantage many have struggled with for some time- multi-touch attribution. Though we will never know exactly how many channels and interactions a lead has encountered before inquiring, cross-referencing the domains visiting your website with data sets for marketing campaigns is a start. Doing this enables your team to understand what these website visitors have seen of your brand, what may have lead them to your website and if converted into clients, where to attribute the revenue for ROI. 


Though this seems a lengthy process, it’s important to understand what efforts boost brand engagement and lead nurture, even if they don’t directly convert. Doing this ensures you don’t cut costs on vital parts of your multi-channel strategy, because they don’t produce a direct return.


Increased lead generation 


Our key goal in marketing is always lead generationproducing new business opportunities your sales team can use to gain revenue and grow your business. A key benefit offered by reverse IP lookup comes in the form of advanced lead generation, especially when using tools like Lead Forensics.


Our ground-breaking software expertly uses reverse IP lookups to identify the businesses vising your website– however, we also go to the next level. We combine this information with our privately-owned database of business contacts, the largest of its kind in the world, to provide contact details for the visiting businesses. With Lead Forensics, you can discover:

• The names and addresses of businesses visiting your website, in real time
• Contact details for key decision makers, including email addresses
• A breakdown of every website journey, including pages visited, duration and referral


With this incredible insight, your team have all they need to instantly follow up these hot leads, maximizing on the engagement shown by their website visit. This fuels your sales pipeline with high-quality leads, ready for your sales team to convert into clients. Why not discover more about how Lead Forensics can revolutionize your B2B marketing and sales success? Book your free demo today! 


Free guide – Discover the power of IP address tracking and what it means for your business with our extensive, free guide. Download “The beginners guide to IP tracking software for free now! 


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